Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We Hiked the Volcano!!!

Well, Sunday I was finally able to hike up Volcan Maderas, and it was AWESOME!

I actually had some of my students who said that I shouldn't, because it's hard! Ha. I wanted to go, and someone saying it's hard is certainly not going to stop me, so Martin from Canada, Roberto the guide, and Eduardo my student went up yesterday. We left at 7:15, and made it to the top around noon.

On the way up, I was thinking about how hard it was, and considering stopping before the top, because I needed to stop often to stop my heart from trying to jump out of my chest. That said, we had to rest a lot for me to rest; I have spent a lot of time hammocking and teaching, with little time exercising.

We go some gorgeous views from the volcano on the way up, and the plants are awesome. I love that I traveled with a biology professor just before this, because then I was paying attention to the change in type of forest on the way up. There are a lot more epiphytes as you move upward in altitude, and the forest gets more moist and cool.

Roberto said that we weren't allowed to hike upward after noon, so I really pushed myself and we made it up just before noon. It was a challenge, but a good one because I was grabbing all kinds of awesome roots and trees and rocks to get myself up the volcano.

Eduardo's picture of a snail we saw near the bottom.
Eduardo holding a mountain crab. We saw three of these guys on the way down. It was pretty sweet, because he wanted to pick all of them up and hold them after I show him how not to get pinched. :)

Sweet flower growing on a tree.

View from about halfway up. This was one of my first views of the other side of the island.

I couldn't help but take pictures of all the awesome things growing on the trees.

Another view of the island.
This tree had to be my favorite. If I can find a way to make some kind of art that includes this, I will. We shall see, though.
View of the lagoon from the top. It was pretty misty when we were up there, so we had to be patient (like Poas! :) ) and wait for the clouds to clear.

Eduardo and Martin at the top!

Another view of the middle of the island. There's a river there that I plan on kayaking soon.

More awesome trees.

Here's another search and find. Our guide, Roberto, is in this picture. So is the trail. :)

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  1. Pictures 5, 7, 11, and 12(numbered from top to bottom) all look like they're either drawn or painted, it's crazy (but really cool looking!). I also can't believe that mountains can have crabs, even though you're close to the water that's still mind-blowing for me. Glad you had a lot of fun and the pictures are awesome!